50 things about me.

To be able to understand and relate to a blog I think you should know things about the blogger! So instead of writing a long boring blog, I have decided to choose 50 things about me that I think are interesting and worth knowing. For those of you who are interested of course! πŸ™‚

Basic information
1. I am a small, curvy, (5ft 3) brunette.
2. I am in a long term, long distance relationship, with an essex boy!
3. I still live at home with my family, dog and hamster!
4. I hate pastry and red meat.
5. I like sunshine & snow.
6. My ipad 2 is my baby.
7. I drive a fabia, perhaps just a little bit too fast.
8. Eastenders is my favourite soap.
9. I love to read and good quite easily read ALL day,
10. My fellow nursing students are amazing and I have some amazing friends.

I like;
11. Long walks
12. Long talks
13. Long drives
14. Cold noses
15. Holidays
16. Music
17. Money
18. Freedom
19. Photography
20. Love.

I dislike;
21. Brussels
22. Flying
23. Bad hair days
24. Bad smells
25. Over eating
26. Filling the car up with petrol
27. Being tired
28. Being late
29. Things that need batteries
30. Being 170 miles away from my partner

31. I hate holby city and casualty
32. I hate feeling anxious and on edge
33. I have hypothyroidism
34. I am completely obsessed with weight and dieting, and have recently lost three stone.
35. Socialising
36. I love laughing
37. & talking!
38. I hate repetitive noises, like the revving of a moped engine!
39. I love driving, especially on the M25.
40. New music.
41. I love the feeling of sand between my feet and the sun on my back.
42. I love cuddles and kissing
43. I find receiving presents awkward.
44. I am trying to be a better person
45. I hate confrontation and liars.
46. I believe in the after life
47. I believe in GOD but do not have a specific religion.
48. Love is the greatest thing of all
49. My dog smiles when we walk through the door and he understands english
50. Time goes way too fast!

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Thank you x


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. andy1076
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 20:25:09

    So, feel free to slap me and call me captain obvious if you wish. But, i take it that you are vegetarian and i should be looking out for a speeding Fabia from now on right? πŸ˜‰ i can relate to #30 and #38! too well!


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