In progress…..

I am in the process of planning out my future posts, so that you guys only read the good, important bits! 🙂


I feel so much bette now! Haha!
I love being organised and my love of stationary and the random impulse buy of an a3 “note” pad has finally paid off!

I am bursting of ideas and thoughts, memories and research I would like to share with you all! So I better get a shift on.

Blog tomorrow, m xoxo


Things that make you happy.

I was looking out of the car window this afternoon, (from a good days shopping trip) and I started thinking about happiness. Whether the same things make us happy or not, and all the kind of variables of happiness.
So I have decided to some up what makes me happy in 10 points.

* Laughing
* Talking & Gossiping 🙂
* Buying beautiful things
* Making other people happy, i.e giving people presents
* Animals
* Feeling free and untroubled
* Holidays & Beaches
* Cuddles
* Scenery and nice weather
* & this video >>

It is pure genius!
I reckon my level of happiness right now is pretty happy 🙂

Please leave a comment about what makes you happy in 10 points … or more, & I will reblog the similarities or differences another day.

Sorry for the short post guys, my b is making me dinner, and it smells amazing.

Blog tomorrow, love M xoxo