Ten reasons to become a student nurse…. (or not!)

17th August 2011 15:23

Part 3

My post this afternoon is going to be a light hearted list of why… or why not being a student nurse is a good thing! So lets get this show on the road;

Ten reasons of why to become a student nurse; ( the serious bit!)

1. It is a rewarding job where you are paid to help care for some wonderful people.
2. You are a people person and want to give back to society.
3. You have good communication skills & would like to put them to good use.
4. You like to learn and gain new skills and keep up to date with the newest research and policies.
5. You are honest, reliable and trustworthy. (Well most of the time.)
6. You have self confidence, with this I do not mean in bucket loads, I just mean that you believe in yourself and you are willing to get involved, i.e getting down and dirty (literally) HaHa.
7. You want to have career with endless opportunities, and not just be stuck in a dead end job.
8. You want to make a difference in peoples lives.
9. You are willing to be the patients advocate; ( Stand up for your patients rights and beliefs.)
10. & finally you want to become a qualified nurse in your own right. ( this one is the most important point but also the most obvious, as I am sure you would not become a student nurse if you did not want to qualify! HaHa.

Ten things you have to put up with as a student nurse. (Things to look forward too.)

1. For the next three years on the ward your name is student! This really does annoy me, I mean how long does it take to learn a name!
2. A student nurse’s wage is rubbish, but they are paying for your teaching. However this is not what I think to myself when I have £1.20 to last five days at the end of the month! 🙂
3. The hours! oh god! 13 hours shifts are awful! They make 9-5 seem like a dream job!
4. Working weekends and nights with no extra pay.
5. Mentors. Not necessarily bad thing but when they are having a bad day, it may be best to keep your midweek interview till next week.
6. Essays, assignments, Patches, OSCES (practical exams) and three hour lectures. Need I say more?
7. Just by wearing the student uniform you tend to put people off. What do students know? They are all thick and no nothing anyway? Let me talk to a REAL nurse.
8. Weight. When in university you are almost guaranteed to put on weight, you are sat down all day surrounded by vending machines and money off costa coffee vouchers. The average is about two stone over the three years! So join a gym guys!
9. Fit doctors. This is not a bad thing AT ALL but I did not have any space left in the positive section and they just HAVE to be mentioned.
10. & finally poo, urine, sick, blood, and smelly leg ulcers. If you heave easily like me, you may need to master the breathe with your mouth technique or you may have to leave the room! 😀


That will do for today I think, I hope you all like the post & are all rushing to enrol at your nearest university!!

Thanks guys, blog tomorrow. Love M xoxo


Photo Challenge.


The guardian website – Eye witness has some of the most beautiful photography I have ever seen. Real natural art. A photo really does speak a thousand words.

The life and times of a student nurse.

15th August, 2011.

Part one.

I have never been so nervous/ scared in my whole life as the day when I walked onto the ward for my first day of a first year student nurse in practice.
I was 18 years old and I felt like I knew nothing about nursing, especially patients, diseases, death, and staff nurses. I wondered towards a member of staff with my heart pounding in my throat and ears and asked where the staff room was, the member of staff grunted at me and pointed a timpanic ( a thermometer to you & me,) at the double doors beside me. ( Hmm, I wonder if everyone is this friendly?!)
I stumbled through the doors and placed my over sized bag in an empty locker, re arranged my baggy uniform and took a deep breath, I checked my new purple fob watch… five to 7 in the morning…. great! Only another 13 hours and five minutes to go before my first shift ended and I could run out of there! With one last look in the mirror and a big fake smile I walked out on to the ward to meet my new mentor and second home for the next eight weeks.

I think it is now time to introduce myself. My name is Milly and I am 19 years of age. I am not one of those people who have always wanted to be a nurse, you know.. the type of person who had doctors bags as kids and always wore a little nurses dress up uniform around the house asking everyone in it to pretend to be poorly so I could make them better.
No, actually it was more of a last minute decision, it seemed like a good idea and it sort of appealed to me, I liked people, I liked to talk ( just ask, well, anyone,) and I wanted to try and make a change to people and their lives and most of all be proud of something that I have achieved.
I did not want to be sat in an office all day updating websites and pen pushing, that is not my idea of a career. (Sorry to anyone who loves that kind of thing.)
So I applied for an adult student nurse position with the help of my mum and soon after attended an interview, and received a start date.
That was it! I was doing it! I hoped that I had made the correct decision and began to prepare. All the forums and articles I read online stated how fabulous and rewarding the job was and how it was the best job in the whole world, however people i spoke to who was a nurse or who new nurses stated that it was okay but they were over worked and under paid. I suppose you get this with all jobs, and to be honest I had only worked in retail which I hated, so anything must be better than that right?
However this did not stop me from being nervous and apprehensive about the career I had chosen.
Fortunately I am a year in and still remain on the programme, yes it is hard work and a struggle to balance social life, placement life, study life, and the pub life all at the same time but I have to admit I love it! I love the way I feel at the end of a shift (a good one that is) knowing that I have helped another individual feel a bit better and listened too, and the feeling of learning so much new information that I feel like I may explode and not retain any of it, (apart from the useless stuff.)
It has taken me a whole 365 days to finally come to the conclusion that becoming a qualified student nurse is definitely, 100% for me.

This blog is to try and reach out to the other new students out there by giving an honest and personal opinion of what it is like to be a student nurse from my own experiences, however i think you may have grasped that by now!
Anyway this is my first ever blog ( so go easy on me, with the criticism, and spelling and punctuation corrections) and it is 23.54 and I have work tomorrow so I will I complete a new post tomorrow.

Night all, Love M xoxo

Disclaimer * all information used is my own, personal opinions and not the opinion of the hospital or the NHS. All names have been changed and confidentiality of both patients and staff has been respected.