Inspiration needed.

As a good friend of mine pointed out today, it is a shame I decided to start blogging so late into my placement, as I am not back on placement until late December/ January, I may struggle on what to blog about.
I feel slightly worried now, I love my blog and so want it to carry on, so I am going to go away tonight and think and draft about what I am going to blog and in what order, I have loads of stories and ideas but don’t want it to come out all mix and match.

So I will go and sit and research this now 🙂 thanks mike!

Hopefully blog tomorrow, m xoxo

P.s thank you to everyone who reads my blog daily!


Photo challenge


Nicola’s leaving presents! I’m glad she liked them 🙂

Pretty in pink xx

Photo challenge


This photo is for all the present and surprises I have received, and given back. This one is for you Nicola H! 🙂 I will miss you and bump so much, but I promise I will stay in touch!

I will blog what is in the box tomorrow, just in case she peeks and ruins it! 🙂

Signed up for the degree pathway!

23rd August 2011 21:35

Part nine

First day back at uni today and I have loved it!! Seeing all my friends all fresh from placement full of stories and gossip to chatter about! All of year one work complete, signed off, and handed in! EEEEEE! So excited to have passed and completed my first year, it has gone SO fast! But wow! What a year! I have learnt so much and met some amazing people! Roll on next year!

I have also signed up for the degree programme! Can not believe I actually did it, I was nervous about the work load and the financial situation but at the end of the day if I have the opportunity and the passion then why not? 😀

Random paragraph; but I was in a lecture today and we had a staff nurse in talking to us about cardiac arrests and how to react and treat them, when she randomly told us to stay the same when we qualify and not to forget how to care once we have worked for a while.
At first I thought this was slightly odd at first but when I thought about it it was actually very good advice!
As students and staff we would quite happily bend over backwards for a patient, look after them until they were better and listen and sympathise with them for as long as they needed, however when a staff nurse (or student) happens to mention that they feel poorly or that they have rung in sick, everyone seems to turn into insensitive, un caring people and tend to dismiss the person as being a “hypercondriact” or roll our eyes and say “Great! Now I need to get someone to cover that shift!
It is such a shame! I think people tend to forget that we are human too, and not super and immune to every cold, bug, and virus.
So when I am out on the wards on my own qualified, I will try to remember this piece of advise and stay caring and professional and remember why I went into nursing in the first place!
After all patients is a virtue!

Hmm rant over! Now I need chocolate, Blog tomorrow.

Love M xoxo

Photo challenge


In two weeks time I will be in that beautiful pool! Egypt here we come!! Woo hoo.

M xoxo

Sunny Sunday afternoon

August the 21th

Part seven.

I am currently writing this blog whilst lounging around on the garden sunning myself, surrounded by friends of family.
It is one of my friends birthday and I have eaten so much chinese I feel like I am about to fall asleep! HaHa 🙂
I really need to get my arse in gear and complete my portfolio as it is my first day back at uni tomorrow and it is due in at 9 am! Oh well, I do need my dose of vitamin d after all!
I am so excited to be going back, half days and pub trips will be back on the agenda! Woo woo.
Plus my best friend is having a baby girl and I am so exited to see how big the bump is now as I have not seen her in 3 months.
Right I will love you and leave you now and blog again tomorrow x

And I promise that tomorrows blog will be nursing related! HaHa! 🙂

M xoxo

Things that make you happy.

I was looking out of the car window this afternoon, (from a good days shopping trip) and I started thinking about happiness. Whether the same things make us happy or not, and all the kind of variables of happiness.
So I have decided to some up what makes me happy in 10 points.

* Laughing
* Talking & Gossiping 🙂
* Buying beautiful things
* Making other people happy, i.e giving people presents
* Animals
* Feeling free and untroubled
* Holidays & Beaches
* Cuddles
* Scenery and nice weather
* & this video >>

It is pure genius!
I reckon my level of happiness right now is pretty happy 🙂

Please leave a comment about what makes you happy in 10 points … or more, & I will reblog the similarities or differences another day.

Sorry for the short post guys, my b is making me dinner, and it smells amazing.

Blog tomorrow, love M xoxo

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