In progress…..

I am in the process of planning out my future posts, so that you guys only read the good, important bits! 🙂


I feel so much bette now! Haha!
I love being organised and my love of stationary and the random impulse buy of an a3 “note” pad has finally paid off!

I am bursting of ideas and thoughts, memories and research I would like to share with you all! So I better get a shift on.

Blog tomorrow, m xoxo


Inspiration needed.

As a good friend of mine pointed out today, it is a shame I decided to start blogging so late into my placement, as I am not back on placement until late December/ January, I may struggle on what to blog about.
I feel slightly worried now, I love my blog and so want it to carry on, so I am going to go away tonight and think and draft about what I am going to blog and in what order, I have loads of stories and ideas but don’t want it to come out all mix and match.

So I will go and sit and research this now 🙂 thanks mike!

Hopefully blog tomorrow, m xoxo

P.s thank you to everyone who reads my blog daily!