Photo challenge


How happy is this little fellow, I think we should follow in his tiny footsteps! 🙂 xox


Photo challenge


Nicola’s leaving presents! I’m glad she liked them 🙂

Pretty in pink xx

Photo challenge


This photo is for all the present and surprises I have received, and given back. This one is for you Nicola H! 🙂 I will miss you and bump so much, but I promise I will stay in touch!

I will blog what is in the box tomorrow, just in case she peeks and ruins it! 🙂

Photo challenge


In two weeks time I will be in that beautiful pool! Egypt here we come!! Woo hoo.

M xoxo

Photo challenge


My hewy lewy. 🙂 no explanation needed.

M xoxo

Photo challenge!

19th august. 14:39


I like this photo, it’s simple but sums up how people see the world differently to others.