Sunny Sunday afternoon

August the 21th

Part seven.

I am currently writing this blog whilst lounging around on the garden sunning myself, surrounded by friends of family.
It is one of my friends birthday and I have eaten so much chinese I feel like I am about to fall asleep! HaHa 🙂
I really need to get my arse in gear and complete my portfolio as it is my first day back at uni tomorrow and it is due in at 9 am! Oh well, I do need my dose of vitamin d after all!
I am so excited to be going back, half days and pub trips will be back on the agenda! Woo woo.
Plus my best friend is having a baby girl and I am so exited to see how big the bump is now as I have not seen her in 3 months.
Right I will love you and leave you now and blog again tomorrow x

And I promise that tomorrows blog will be nursing related! HaHa! 🙂

M xoxo